My work serves as a personal liberation from the uncontrollable and unpredictable nature of my human experience. Using hand-drawn shapes, marks, and color, I have created my own visual language that is completely within my control and understanding. Using this language, I am able to comfortably compose images that are self-sufficient, visually accessible, and free from the baggage of our material world.

Whether I am working in drawing, printmaking, or collage, I use the process of making as a meditative tool. These mediums help me to manifest feelings of autonomy and power that are more often than not, lost to me, and buried beneath feelings of doubt and uncertainty. The act of making has proven to be a huge consolation in my life. Organization is extremely important in my work, as life is inevitably messy. Using large borders allows me to carefully arrange images that are isolated from their surroundings. The images have their own space, and are allotted with plenty of room to breathe.

The final works, and the processes I use act as an emotional and visual rest from the dubiety and chaos of daily life. My wish for my work is to provide my audience with the same (though ephemeral) feelings of tranquility and wholeness that the work grants me.